Some Houstonians unfazed by storms


Katy's Cullen Park was barely recognizable after the rain Friday and Saturday refused to let up, and much of our area looked the same.

On Friday, a 47-year-old woman drowned after driving into a retention pond in north Houston. Police said Cassandra Bryant was heading southbound on the feeder road of the North Freeway near Parker when she tried to seek higher ground but accidentally drove into the pond.

"Witnesses said she had gotten off the feeder road, pulled into the parking lot that we're in now, and for some reason, drove over the curb line -- the little lines that were there -- because apparently that was all underwater and then drove down the embankment and didn't realize it," Houston Police Department Sgt. KD Smith said.

Police said the water reached up to 8 feet deep in that area, which stranded even firefighters trying to rescue Bryant.

But the area's first soaking rain in a long time didn't dampen everyone's day though.

These West U walkers were not about to stop their workout just because they got wet. In fact, they welcome this weather.

"I think people are going to welcome it," walker Lynn Barsky said. "It's been pretty hot and dry lately."

"I think it's about time," said Randy Furlong. "I think the plants like the rain water better than they do the sprinkling water."

And in Sugar Land, teens from Hightower High School wanted to make a difference for the people of Haiti.

"I mean if Haiti can withstand an earthquake, I mean, what's a little rain going to do to us?" said Walk for Haiti participant Eric Tristan.

So they didn't let a little water get in their way. The event raised more than $6,000, and participants say getting rained on was worth it.

"It really hurts me to see people in trouble like that, and I want to do whatever I can to help them out," participant Melissa Caffey said, 'so if I can help to raise some money even walking a few laps -- even if it's in the rain - it's okay."

At a dog park near Westpark, man's best friend was unfazed by the sprinkles.

Dog walkers got out early hoping to miss the worst of the storms.

"We had to bring the dog over before it really started pouring, and we're hoping it doesn't rain at the end of the day," dog owner Jim Reed said.

But baseball games could be a washout.

Little League player Lawton Reed said he was looking forward to hitting home runs but seemed OK settling for playing in puddles.

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