Man accused of taking inappropriate videos of teens

HOUSTON Police say they've identified as many as 50 different girls. The man suspected of taking the images faces just a single charge. Parents have reported seeing him in three parks.

There is nothing illegal about taking pictures or video at a public place, unless they are meant for the sexual gratification of the person taking them, which is what police say has happened repeatedly at parks around the Webster and League City area.

Paul Guy Clark, Jr. was arrested in January after being caught allegedly taking inappropriate videos of girls playing softball and lacrosse.

"This is the guy that has been seen at several parks," said one mother who did not want to be identified.

Since he's bonded out of jail, parents say they've seen him back at area parks again taking pictures.

"It sickens me that this guy is allowed still to walk around these parks," said the mother.

She says police showed her some of the videos they've found which include her 11-year-old daughter.

"Just the posterior, then zooming in on that," said Webster Police Chief Ray Smiley.

He says investigators have now identified 50 teen and pre-teen girls from the 16 memory sticks they seized from Clark's car in January.

"These are the ones where we can identify the people," said Chief Smiley.

The chief says in many of the videos apparently you cannot see faces, just specific body parts. Police now believe Clark has taken videos at three parks in three cities all relatively close: Bay Area Park in Pasadena, Texas Park in Webster, and Countryside Park in League City.

Chief Smiley says Clark bonded out without restrictions following his January arrest. Prosecutors haven't been able to tell us why. Parents have since reported seeing him back at the parks.

"We've been inundated by those calls," Chief Smiley said.

However, police haven't yet been able to prove any pictures were taken after Clark's arrest.

We went to Clark's League City home to ask him about this all, but Clark said he'd talk after trial.

Parents are worried about Clark taking pictures the next time their daughters are here.

"What's gonna happen? What could happen?" said another mother.

Parents say it's important now for them to be on the look out to make sure no one is taking pictures they shouldn't be.

"I really think it's disgusting," said the mother. "I really want the community to come together and just know who this person is."

If you notice someone taking pictures and acting suspiciously, police urge you not to approach the person, but to call them immediately.

Prosecutors in both Harris and Galveston counties are looking at adding criminal charges against Clark.

His attorney could not be reached for comment. He is due next in court on June 8.

A Harris County Precinct 2 spokesperson said they learned about the incidents on Thursday. They released a statement Friday that reads, in part, "We have reminded parks staff of the procedures we have in place to report suspicious or illegal activity to the sheriff's office."

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