Man shot in confrontation over stolen property

HOUSTON Police say Giles Lee Jackson, 28, confronted the victim (also the shooter) who was mowing lawns in the 5200 block of Cortelyou Lane around 3:30pm Thursday, about an earlier accusation that Jackson had stolen from the victim. Witnesses told investigators Jackson was verbally and physically aggressive towards the victim who retreated some distance before he drew a small revolver from his pocket and fired a warning shot in the air.

Jackson disregarded the warning shot and punched the victim in the face, causing him to fall to the ground, and then continued to attack him. The victim, fearing he would be disarmed and killed with his own weapon, fired one time, striking Jackson in the abdomen.

Jackson was transported to Ben Taub General Hospital in stable condition.

The 49-year-old shooter suffered minor injuries to his head and torso.

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