Vigil held for man killed by fake census workers


On Wednesday night, family and friends held a memorial for Reginald Keith Haynes.

The victim's wife and stepson, who were victims themselves Saturday afternoon, described a gruesome crime scene. They say three men were inside their home for three hours, terrorizing them. Haynes, who was nicknamed as Pete, was murdered, and on Wednesday night, he was remembered.

In front of the house where they shared so many good memories, a somber vigil was held for the one who will have no more.

Family and friends of Haynes sang, prayed and lit candles in remembrance. He was murdered just inside. His last moments will haunt his wife forever.

"All I could hear is him hollering saying, 'Stop. Please, oh help me, oh please help me, stop' -- that's what he was saying," said his wife, Kathy Haynes.

Already pistol whipped, Kathy Haynes was upstairs tied up. Her son and his girlfriend were tied up too.

"All I could hear was screaming and beg, 'Please don't kill me,'" said his stepson, Derrick Abner.

This happened as three men with guns ambushed Haynes as he came home, dunked his head underwater and then stabbed him to death. They gained entry with a knock and a ploy.

"He just said, 'Yes, we're from the census,' and grabbed me," Abner said.

The killers demanded money and got away with several belongings.

Abner helped an artist create a composite sketch of the man who knocked on the door. With copies in hand, Haynes' loved ones prayed for strength and justice.

"I want those guys to have the death penalty. That's what I want," Kathy Haynes said. "They have taken a part of me I'll never get back."

The victims say the suspects drove away in a white or cream-colore Chevy Silverado pickup. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477.

Meanwhile, Haynes, who was a City of Houston traffic analyst, will be laid to rest on Saturday.
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