Driver dies after going airborne, landing on gym

THE WOODLANDS, TX DPS said the 21-year-old driver, indentified as Shaun Michael Finley, was likely speeding and that likely played a major role in the wreck.

"It couldn't be, a car on the roof of Ultra Bodies. It just didn't make sense at all," said Kim Mackey, an employee of the gym.

The massive crater in the building is the result of a devastating crash. It happened early this morning on the southbound feeder road of I-45 near the Woodlands Parkway.

"All the police in The Woodlands, Oak Ridge and Shenendoah were here and it was shut down," said Mackey.

Mackey works in the damaged building and could barely believe what DPS troopers are telling us about how this happened.

"How else would a car get up there? But I guess it just hit the curb and lost control," she said.

After hitting the feeder road curb, the vehicle went airborne, finally landing on the Ultra Bodies Fitness Center.

"When I saw it, I really didn't think someone could survive it," said the victim's friend, Travis Forrest.

Forrest didn't realize his longtime friend from Oak Ridge High School was the driver when he first saw it and now that he knows, the impact is that much greater.

"He's just a good friend. He was always there for me," he said. "We stayed pretty close after high school, just can't believe this happened. It's crazy."

EMS on the scene said they had a hard time getting to the victim in this crash because of the unusual nature of the car being on top of the building. Finley died at the scene.

The cleanup is already underway at the gym and an investigation is underway.

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