SWAT knew victim was dead before standoff

HOUSTON The suspect is alive, and has now been charged with the crime.

Houston police say when SWAT arrived they had good, reliable, confirmed information that Janet McAfee was dead inside her home. They say her husband, Ken McAfee, admitted shooting her.

On Saturday night, police say, Ken McAfee allegedly shot and killed his wife of 14 years, Janet. Police tell us they first responded to a panic alarm at the couple's upscale Hampton Place home.

Investigators say Ken McAfee answered the door saying everything was all right, but he barricaded himself inside. SWAT was called, and after three hours, McAfee shot himself.

Those who knew his wife say they can't believe what happened.

"Janet was a very talented, vivacious, energetic type person," said attorney Jack Ogg, who helped Mrs. McAfee research guardianship.

Ogg said Ken McAfee had some sort of medical incident that left the man unusually depressed.

"He may have had some mini-strokes, it may have been a personality conflict, depression," Ogg said. "I just don't know because the doctors could never figure it out."

Court documents show the McAfees were in the middle of a bitter divorce. A temporary restraining order was to keep them from even having contact with each other.

Court papers also show Ken McAfee moved out of the couple'sTangley Street home in January 2009 and was living at a southwest Houston assisted living facility that specializes in caring for those with mental health issues.

His attorney Charles Storer says his client had been depressed and that "he needed some support, and there wasn't any from the wife."

Storer went on to say only that "there's enough blame to go around."

Ken McAfee shot himself in the head. But he is still alive but in critical condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital.
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