Teen arrested in boy's murder out on bond

HOUSTON Investigators say Brian Ezike, 18, was caught at the border in Laredo. According to a bonds company in Laredo, Ezike left the jail at noon Saturday, and got on a Greyhound bus, saying he was heading for Houston. He was reportedly crying, saying he didn't do this.

On Saturday, friends and loved ones said goodbye to 14-year-old Jaylon Calloway. He was shot to death outside a teen party, allegedly by Ezike.

"There were so many people here today that we couldn't even sit down," said Kanedra Sellers, a friend of the victim.

Days before his 15th birthday, Jaylon lost his life as he was caught in crossfire. Ezike was arrested Friday morning. According to the Webb County Sheriff's Office, Ezike's bond was set at $50,000. Within hours, he paid the standard 10 percent, and now is back on the streets.

"Depending on what these young people are involved with, sometimes money is the easiest thing for them to reach," said Reverend Ronald Mouton with the East Bethel Missionary Church.

Reverent Mouton faults the court system for allowing a murder suspect out of custody so quickly.

"If the young man was arrested yesterday and back on the streets today, that tells you something about the court system, really and how low they set the bonds that allows these young men to get right back out of jail and go out and do something again," he said.

After burying her only son, Michelle Calloway described the pain of knowing the man accused of taking Jaylon's life is, for now, roaming free.

"I'm upset because in a way it makes it seem like my baby's life was worth nothing," she said "He's out on $5,000."

For now, she says the only peace she gets is knowing her son is in a better place and his killer will be punished in due time.

"You've still got God watching to see what you've taken me through," said Michelle.

Prosecutors say a $50,000 bond is standard, unless it's a capital murder charge or there's evidence to seek the death penalty, or in the event the suspect is a habitual criminal.

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