Houston FBI agents arrest teen in alleged ATM scam

May 7, 2010 8:19:02 AM PDT
A teen from North Carolina is facing federal charges for dressing in a Rick James wig and using the alias 'Barack Obama,' all to hack into dozens of ATMs, FBI agents say. FBI agents here in Houston arrested Thor Alexander Morris, 19, after he tried to hack an ATM inside a Wal-Mart. Agents say he figured out how to reprogram a specific brand of machines to give $20 for every $1 requested.

Morris bought a $400 prepaid ATM card at a Wal-Mart in Houston and used a laptop to activate it under the name 'Barack Obama.'

FBI agents arrested him after he put on the Rick James wig and headed to the ATM. Police also recovered a goatee beard kit and a bottle of Cinema secrets gum adhesive in his car. He's now facing felony fraud charges.