Exposure of HISD E-Rate issues draws change

May 7, 2010 4:39:40 AM PDT
Six years ago, 13 Undercover's Wayne Dolcefino exposed waste in the HISD E-Rate program. It's a program to bring technology to classrooms.

We discovered thousands of feet in unused cable that you had paid for. HISD tried to claim it was leftovers.

"Waste huh? It's enough cable to stretch all the way from the HISD Administration Building, up the freeway through The Wodlands and Conroe and all the way to the statute of Sam Houston outside Huntsville," Dolcefino said.

The feds began investigating.

After an E-Rate corruption scandal broke in Dallas, the HISD school board was eventually accused of waste, violating bid laws, accepting improper gifts from vendors and giving false information to the feds.

On Thursday, as part of a deal, the HISD board tightened the ethics rules. The E-Rate scandal cost HISD an $850,000 fine and about $82 million in federal E-Rate money.