Woman's goose on the loose


Dawn Adams has an annoying problem on her hands.

"He just goes, 'Honk, honk, honk,' and it's almost a constant honk."

Why? Well, now to the more serious problem.

"My goose is loose," Adams said.

That's right. The female mate of Adams' other goose, Boone Boone, has flown the coup.

"It's been a couple of weeks since it happened," Adams said.

It seems the goose, appropriately named Houdini, has a knack for breaking free.

"I named her Houdini because she always found a hole through the fence," Adam said.

But don't geese mate for life?

Apparently, that's what Boone Boone, and Adams thought. He's not happy about the break up, as Adams learned.

"A goose can bite pretty good," she said.

So, a duck was brought in to calm the male goose, but there's only one problem.

"Both of them are male, so it's kind of interesting," she said.

There is now an all-points search in Houston for Houdini.

"I want my goose back," Adams said.

And, more importantly, so does Boone Boone, who is not happy over his mate's disappearance.

He even attacked our cameraman.

"He wants that attention," Adams said.

So, if you see a loose goose in the museum district, give Adams a call -- and fast.

"He's expecting me to bring Houdini back," Adams said while looking at Boone Boone.

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