Residents want change for dangerous intersection


The intersection is Bay Area Boulevard at Moon Rock, near Clear Lake High School. But the city isn't convinced it's a dangerous area.

Those living and working near the intersection of Bay Area Boulevard and Moon Rock say it's just a matter of time before something tragic again happens here. They want something done before another life is lost.

"This corner is just very congested," concerned resident Todd McIntosh said. "It's just like playing chicken getting across."

McIntosh says he's been pushing for a change at Bay Area Boulevard and Moon Rock for more than a decade. It's a major thoroughfare with a high school, an intermediate school and UH Clear Lake all within walking distance.

A home for the handicapped is also nearby, and we saw some in wheelchairs crossing the road.

"Taking our lives in our own hands, but sometimes, it's the only way we have to get somewhere," concerned resident Pamela Walsh said.

In January of last year, a legally blind single mother of three was killed trying to cross the intersection here and one of her children witnessed it.

The problem, some say, comes when vehicles stop in the turning lanes or in the middle intersection to turn. They insist it's hard to see oncoming traffic.

"It's extremely bad," McIntosh said. "There's gonna be somebody else killed here. It's just a matter of time."

McIntosh made signs supporting the cause. He says has received hundreds of emails supporting the addition of a traffic light here where there currently is none. Some, like Frank Law, who works at a bank on the corner, says he avoids the intersection at all costs.

We took these concerns to Houston City Councilman Mike Sullivan.

"I'm able-bodied. I'm not ever gonna cross that street," he said.

Sullivan says several travel studies have been done by the City of Houston. All concluded that vehicle and pedestrian traffic volume do not warrant construction of a traffic light here.

Besides, he says, adding a light would interrupt traffic flow, creating an even greater backup on Bay Area Boulevard. He says he is willing to discuss other options short of putting up a traffic light, something to avoid another tragedy.

"That wears on peoples' hearts," Sullivan said. "It really does. No one wants to see someone get killed."

To that end there is a meeting scheduled here at Patriot Bank at 5pm Friday. Business owners are hoping to work out a solution of some sort with city representatives.

One option they're discussing would be to close the median here and keep vehicle traffic from turning here at all. Business owners say that though would hurt their bottom line.

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