Men set up fake roadblock, attack mom and daughter


What happened to this woman and her daughter was so frightening she says they relive it every day.

Woodson Park Drive near Humble is very familiar to a woman ABC13 isn't identifying. She lives nearby. But on the night of April 22, something wasn't right.

"It was late at night; it was dark," she said.

There was something unfamiliar.

"Cones were all the way across, all the way across," she said.

It was a precursor to something violent.

"I thought they were going to kill us," she said.

She and her teenage daughter were on their way home that night when they came upon cones blocking the entire street.

"So that meant I couldn't even go in that lane," she said.

Within seconds, three to four men ran out from the trees and surrounded the car. One had a pistol, another was trying to open the door, and the one on her side had a shotgun and was yelling.

"Get out of the car, get out the MF car," she recalled him saying.

Both women were screaming, she started honking the horn, threw the car in reverse and was able to get away -- but not before the attackers broke both the front windows and even fired a shot.

"At this point, I heard a loud pow," she said.

Now the mother of three who is telling anyone who will listen what happened.

"I want to warn anybody and everybody," she said.

She's learned a valuable lesson about crime.

"People need to understand it is not about circumstance," she said, "It's completely and utterly about opportunities."

The attackers created an opportunity by setting up a fake roadblock. They got away with nothing, but left a lasting impression.

"It's haunting. It's haunting, but I'm even more haunted by what could have happened," she said.

In telling her story, the woman says she came across a man who drove by that area just before she did. He wasn't attacked, which leads her to believe they were waiting for women.

The two men the victims saw both had masks on.

Anyone with any information is urged to call Crime Stoppers 713-222-8477.

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