City of Houston knocking down dangerous homes

HOUSTON From its broken down walls to the trash littering the yard, one can see why the city considers one particular home a dangerous building. But what you can't see beyond the broken glass, is what Gerald Wilkerson says shows up here at night.

"Drugs, prostitution, all that," he said. "I've had to run them off."

Fortunately for Wilkerson, that house is on the list to be torn down in less than three weeks. It's one of 185 homes the city has tagged as dangerous and unable to get the owners to fix.

Houston Police Department Assistant Chief Mark Curran explained, "We've given the folks, property owners, the chance to take care of their business and they haven't."

While the homes to be torn down come from all corners of Houston, we've learned a majority of the demolitions will occur in council district B on the city's north side. There we found some homes tagged for violations that are not even on the list to be torn down.

The City of Houston says while they are targeting a large number as part of the program, it's only a drop in the bucket.

"There are five to six hundred dangerous building orders. We know from dangerous building violations that there are thousands more out there," Curran said.

Financially, the city says getting to all the violations is almost impossible. In fact, it's taken a contractor to donate its time and effort just to handle the 185 homes the city plans to tear down this month.

Still for folks like Wilkerson, something is better than nothing.

"They need to be torn down if they're in that shape," Wilkerson said.

Demolition day is slated for May 22. You can see the list of the addresses slated for demolitions below:

  • COH contractor sites
  • Houston contractors association sites
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