Two U.S. citizens arrested for transporting illegal aliens

HOUSTON Victor Manuel Campuzano, 23, Jaime Roman Bustamante, 27, both of Houston; Servando Alvarado-Casas, 29, a Mexican national illegally residing in Houston; and Miguel Alvarado-Casas, 36, a Mexican national legally residing in Houston, were all arrested Wednesday in southwest Houston. Servando Alvarado-Casa was apprehended by agents after fleeing out a rear window of a residence.

The charges stem from an accident on November 24, 2009, in Jim Wells County that resulted in 17 undocumented aliens, from Mexico and Guatemala, and the pickup truck driver being injured.

The driver and two others, who allegedly drove a scout car traveling with the pickup truck in order to divert law enforcement, were arrested and charged in a separate case. The two Houston-area residents who occupied that vehicle were arrested and charged for their alleged involvement in the smuggling effort.

The driver of the pickup truck has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transport illegal aliens and is pending sentencing. The two who allegedly drove the scout car are pending trial.

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