Group protests Astros-Diamondbacks game


Opponents of the law want a boycott of the Arizona Diamondbacks. It's just one of several events being held on Cinco de Mayo.

About two dozen people showed up with signs protesting Arizona's new immigration law. It started with only three people but grew to dozens on one corner across from Minute Maid Park.

A counter protest in support of Arizona's anti-immigration law then formed on an opposing corner.

"Kudos to Arizona," they chanted.

The protests are part of a movement around the country during the last week.

"We don't like that everyone is being asked for their papers," protester Maria Jimenez said.

The protesters are demanding a few things. First, repeal Arizona's Senate Bill 1070, and don't pass a similar law here in Texas.

"We're protesting today, and we'll protest in the future because one senator here in Texas says they want to do a law the same," protester Victor Ibarra said.

And protesters want next year's All Star Game moved.

"We're asking baseball fans to support the national campaign to cancel the All-Star Game in 2011 in Phoenix," Jimenez said.

The players had no comment, but the Diamondbacks' managing general partner released a statement against the law last week.

It says in part, "The fallout of recent state legislation has a direct impact on many of our players, employees and fans in Arizona, not to mention our local businesses, many of which are corporate partners of ours."

While there has been vocal support for 1070 around the country, all the fans we talked to at Minute Maid Park are against the law in Arizona.

"It would be offending to me if somebody stopped because I'm Hispanic," Astros fan Martin Martinez said.

"As far as stopping people, I think that's stereotyping, and I think it's being racist," Astros fan Barbara Cody added.

There were similar protests last week in Chicago outside Wrigley Field when the Arizona Diamondbacks took on the Chicago Cubs.
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