Suspect in four month old's death appears in court

HOUSTON David Chacon, 19, is charged with intoxication manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid. His bond is set at $40,000. Chacon is below the legal drinking age and prosecutors have not said where they believe he was drinking prior to the crash.

Police say he was driving drunk when he crashed his pickup truck into a home on Coral Street on Sunday. The truck hit four-month old Elizabeth Cedillo as she slept in a front room of that home.

"What the victim's father said is that they were asleep inside their home. He remembers hearing a loud crashing noise. It awoke both he and his wife. He got up. He realized that his son had been thrown across the room. He was able to locate his son, but was unable to locate his daughter," said Asst. District Attorney Samantha Knecht.

The little girl was critically injured and died in the hospital on Monday.

The baby's grandfather spoke to us about what he believes should happen to the teenage driver. Ignacio Cedillo says all he can ask is that Chacon receives the maximum the law allows.

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