Baker Hughes announces new jobs in Houston area

THE WOODLANDS, TX Baker Hughes is officially announcing the addition of 130 manufacturing positions, which will end up doubling the production of their Woodlands facility.

Baker Hughes executives, as well as elected officials were here for a tour of the facility that is ready to begin its expansion. Baker Hughes says moving these jobs from overseas to Texas make sense, because it will make for a more efficient process to have its manufacturing close to its research and engineering.

At a time when many communities fear losing jobs, Congressman Kevin Brady hopes this will serve as an example in Washington on how to create jobs.

"Manufacturing spins off so many other jobs within in a region, it really is one of the best types of jobs to create," said Congressman Brady. "We are going to see other jobs at the mall, from suppliers, people hauling these drill bits."

The congressman said that these manufacturing jobs often have a ripple effect where they create service jobs and jobs for the people who are hauling these products away from the production facility. So, he thinks it will have an exponential effect beyond the 130 positions.

As for those 130 positions, some of them have been filled. They are working for locally skilled workers to fill some of these jobs and they hope to do that by year's end.

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