Alligator killed at apartment complex

LEAGUE CITY, TX According to officials with Texas Park and Wildlife, a resident found the alligator at the Signature Point Apartments on April 22. Animal control officers were called to contain the gator until game wardens got there.

Earlier this month, game wardens had trapped and released the reptile back into a canal near the apartments that connects with Clear Lake.

Due to the alligator's size and its lack of fear of humans, after it repeatedly came ashore, game wardens trapped and shot the animal. It was killed in a secluded area near the apartments.

Although no one at the apartments was caught feeding the alligator, wardens say feeding is commonly how the animals become comfortable around humans. Feeding an alligator is a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500.

The alligator's body will be sold to a processor for its meat and hide. The proceeds from the sale will benefit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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