Semi-pro soccer team coming to Galveston

GALVESTON, TX "My friends have sisters that play soccer, and they're always telling me how fun it is, so I would like to see a game," 12-year-old Kinsey Germany said.

Head coach Brendan Keyes is the rolling force behind the Galveston Pirate, a semi-professional soccer team in Galveston. It's the island's only sports franchise.

"We're the only professional sports franchise down here; they don't have baseball, basketball or football, so I'm excited about the prospects of bringing good soccer to Galveston," Keyes said.

Keyes is still forming his team while the citizens are forming their opinion about where the team will play, which is currently at Kermit Courville Stadium off Broadway.

The stadium is a less-than-modern facility built more than 60 years ago.

However, the school district wants voters to approve a $35 million dollar to build a new stadium by the island's airport.

Detractors say construction would jeopardize surrounding wetlands.

Voters are expected to vote on the bond to build the stadium on May 8. But regardless of the outcome, the Pirate will play in Galveston, bringing an estimated 3,000 fans per game — and a chance for island retailers to make money.

"Adding new attractions or new venues to the island is a way that we continue to reinvent ourselves-- continue to keep ourselves fresh," said Johnny Smecca, chairman of the Galveston Economic Development Partnership.

It is hoped Keyes will bring a new energy. The semi-pro team was first formed back in 1916 and again in the 60's, but lost momentum.

But with so many kids playing soccer, this parent likes the idea.

"We're always looking for things that challenge them and learning experiences," parent Amanda Thornton said. "History and there's a history in soccer."

The Galveston Pirate will begin its 2010 season in October even though the team will play in July.

Tryouts are scheduled between 11am and 4pm on May 8 and 15 at Resoft Park, 409 Cornett Rd, Alvin, Tx. There is a tryout fee of $50.

Anyone interested in trying out is asked to e-mail your name, address, e-mail, phone number and playing experience to

Tryouts for the Pirate SC "Treasure Dolls" Cheer/Dance Team also will be held at 11am on May 8 and 15 at Resoft Park. RSVP at if you're interested and you will receive more details on the event.

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