Boy Scout troop falls victim to thieves

PASADENA, TX The scoutmaster and assistant scoutmaster of Troop 854 in Pasadena say thieves broke their fence off the hinges sometime between Tuesday night and Thursday morning, and then stole their camping trailer.

"We worked so hard to get this van, get this trailer, through car washes, stadium clean-ups at Pasadena Memorial -- a whole slew of different fundraisers," explained scoutmaster Dale Calcarone.

The troop bought the trailer back in 2008. It took couple of years of saving up after their last trailer was stolen from the same spot -- that was the reason they added the locked fence.

Calcarone recalled, "My heart was pounding all the way over here, just thinking how could this be? Everything is going so good and for somebody to do this to us twice."

Troop 854 has been based out of the Genoa United Methodist Dhurch for decades. A resourceful group, they collect cans to help pay for trips, hand built their new sign out front, even poured the concrete base.

"This is money that all these boys raised themselves," said assistant scoutmaster Terry Thompson. "It's not just about tents and lanterns and things like that. It's about the hard work they put in it and pride they had in it."

Pride is one thing Troop 854 has, with awards covering nearly every inch of their meeting room. Now the group hopes to borrow another trailer for their upcoming camping trip in June.

Calcarone said, "I don't understand how somebody could not think about what went in to getting something like that, and like that, it's gone."

Troop 854 says when their trailer was stolen it was loaded with all of their camping gear and they didn't have insurance. The total loss is about seven to eight thousand dollars.

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