Police: Man kills his wife, then himself

LAKE JACKSON, TX Lake Jackson police were called to home on Post Oak around 8:20pm Wednesday after neighbors reported hearing shots fired. According to Lt. Kibodeaux, a neighbor saw the suspect drive away and followed him while talking to police on a cell phone until police were able to catch up to the suspect.

Lt. Kibodeaux said the suspected shooter, who's been identified as Curtis Maynard, 42, drove just above normal speeds. When he reached the north side of Lake Jackson on Highway 288, Maynard shot himself, police say, and crashed into a vehicle that had pulled over to get out of the way of the chase. Maynard's vehicle then crashed into a ditch, blocking several lanes of traffic. He was pronounced dead at the scene from the gunshot wound.

Lt. Kibodeaux said Maynard fatally shot his ex-wife Melissa Mesa, 34, at the home on Post Oak. He also allegedly shot and wounded the couple's teenager daughter. She is reportedly in stable condition.

While no specific incident seemed to spark the shootings, police have learned Maynard was unhappy with the couple's divorce.

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