Stranded First Baptist church group comes home


"We're glad to be home, oh so glad to be home," said one of the stranded travelers, Debbie Gumienny. "We made the most of it. We saw the sight in London. We had a good time. Good times. Good fellowship."

The group of forty was stranded in London, England on its way home from Israel because of the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano. They were on the last flight into Heathrow International Airport when flights stopped.

"We had no idea that we'd have the world's longest layover," Pastor Stephen Smith said. "We were on our last leg. We were one stop from home from Israel. We were there for a week. We couldn't believe it."

The church organized a small welcoming committee for the group's return today.

It was a surprise for the weary travelers happy to be back home.

"When that plane touched down, the applause erupted," First Baptist Church Choir and Orchestra Director John Bolin said. "It was great. It's good to be home."

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