Home invasion attacks believed to be linked

SEABROOK, TX The home invasions both happened on Friday, one early in the morning in League City and the other in Seabrook.

Rob Heverly is usually worried about protecting his Seabrook home from hurricanes. But now, it is another threat that has him concerned. Two home invasions in the area -- one just a few doors down -- have him installing cameras and upgrading his alarm system.

"I understand they were tied up by gunpoint and they took all their stuff," Heverly said. "I think everybody is scared of some thug breaking into their house and tying them up."

David Faust says his home security company, Alarm Depot, has received dozens of calls since the home invasions.

"I received three this morning," he said. "They just want to make sure everything is working right, maybe do updates."

On Friday at 4am, investigators say four men with nylons pulled over their faces kicked in the door of a home, tying up and robbing the family at gunpoint. Police say the men stole jewelry and $2,000 in cash, which they knew they would find here.

Lt. Sean Wright with Seabrook police said, "They may have known what they were looking for and the victims they were looking for."

The victimized family owns a gas station in Pasadena, and police believe they were watched and followed because of their business.

"It wasn't just they just picked that house out," Lt. Wright said.

Investigators say it appears three members of the same group also struck a home in League City, where the owner may have been targeted because he manages a liquor store.

Regardless of what attracted them, Rob Heverly is making sure if any bad guys come to his door, they are going to be caught.

He said, "I guess you can break in any place but trying to make it difficult to break in here."

Investigators are working together to try to catch the criminals in both cases. Anyone with information about the cases is urged to call police.

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