ABC 13 viewers help teen with prom dream


Dream Day Bridal in The Woodlands closed early Saturday for a team of volunteers to get Dani all dolled up for her senior prom.

"Now you can't cry you know or nothing because you're gonna wear all that off," the shop's owner, Laurie Metcalf-Brock, said.

Blush and eye shadow were all carefully applied on the 18-year-old senior.

"It's so good to be a part of this," said the makeup artist.

This makeover actually started weeks ago when Metcalf-Brock showed compassion to Dani, who suffers from cerebral palsy and cannot try on dresses in stores. So Metcalf-Brock let her take one home and helped her find the perfect dress.

"I think Dani would have been happy with just the dress," Metcalf-Brock said.

When ABC 13 aired Wilkening's story in early April, her mother started getting phone calls -- lots of them.

There was a flood of offers to do makeup and hair and a free limo ride.

"I was just in shock,"Dani's mother, Vicki Goodnight, said. "And how do you say thank you to the people that care about this being a wonderful night for Dani?"

After the makeup, it was time for a special hair-do.

During the whole preparation process, Wilkening is calm and cool, while her mom and aunt stand nearby.

"It's just happy tears," Wilkening's aunt, Lisa Chua, said.

Both are nervous and emotional.

"I felt like somebody had punched me in the stomach," Goodnight said. "I was so nervous and so freaked out."

Finally, Dani, her sisters and cousin are all dressed and ready to go.

After a several pictures, the princess is ready to go to the ball.

A stretch limousine pulls up, but more surprises are in store.

Kirby's restaurant treated Wilkening and her entourage to dinner. They sat and dined by a fire with a jazz band playing nearby.

After dinner, there was another big surprise: a serenade from a pop star Johnny Diaz.

"I didn't know he was gonna do that for me," Dani said.

Finally, Dani arrived at her prom, where she danced...and laughed all night.

"I just wanna thank all the people for doing this and all the people that, um, made this happen. Thanks so much," she said.

As for Dani's future plans, she has applied to the school for blind and visually impaired, which helps those special needs learn to navigate the world.
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