Extra rebate requires extra work

HOUSTON People who take their old appliances to a recycling facility can get an extra $75, but getting the money will take effort. Thousands got appliance rebates, and all of them are eligible to get the recycling rebate. But it is not automatic and may require you to haul away the old one yourself.

James Knight is one of the lucky ones. He got a Texas Appliance Rebate and already picked out a new washing machine. But getting the extra $75 for recycling his old machine will take some extra work on his part.

He said, "Someone has to take the appliance to an authorized recycling facility. So I knew it had to go somewhere but I was not exactly sure how it would get there."

Knight found out if he was to get the $75 recycling rebate he has to take the machine to an authorized recycling facility. Otherwise Knight says he would be charged a delivery, set up and haul away fee from the appliance store.

"If I had not read through the website and I would not have known," he said. "I probably would have just gone for the easier option, just go ahead and just take it away."

Thousands of consumers are now finding out that if they want to use the recycling rebate to further offset the cost of a new appliance, the consumer will be the one taking away the old machine.

"It is a little bit of trouble to get the washing machine out of the house and take it to a facility," Knight said. "If everyone does not know exactly how the process works, then I think that rebate is not going to be realized by a lot of people."

Long Nguyen accepts old appliances for recycling at his west Houston facilities. Nguyen says he's been getting a lot of calls from consumers who want to keep the $75 recycling rebate, but many are choosing to pass on it.

"I am probably getting more phone calls than drop offs because of the convenience factor," Nguyen explained. "People who live around the corner, they will drop off. But sometimes people don't feel like hauling appliances and running all over town trying to find a place to drop off."

You can find a certified recycling facility. Only those who got the appliance rebate qualify for the $75 recycling rebate.

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