Changes ahead for day care staffing?

AUSTIN, TX A public hearing is planned Tuesday as the Department of Family and Protective Services reviews child care standards.

The agency's advisory council later this year is expected to recommend changes to Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner Tom Suehs.

The Austin American-Statesman reported Monday that Texas, with about 9,300 day care centers, currently allows one adult to oversee as many as nine 18-month-olds, and one adult for as many as 11 27-month-olds.

Sasha Rasco, assistant commissioner for child care licensing, says 75 percent of Texas day care centers already have ratios as low as those being proposed.

One plan would set limits on television or computer time, allowing a maximum two hours a day for children age 2 and older.
To make a public comment about the day care standards, you can email the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Comments will be taken until July 12.

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