BARC promotes adoption to save animals' lives

HOUSTON The city's pound, the Bureau of Animal regulation and Care, says its facility simply can't keep them all alive, so it set up several locations for adoptions.

Jennifer Hicks came all the way from Denton to Houston, hoping to find a new best friend.

"I just saw them walk back that way I think," Hicks said.

When she arrived at this adoption fair, she was not disappointed.

"We have an Anatolian mix dog that we rescued, so we are looking for another Anatolian," she said.

Annie, who is an Anatolian mix, has been living with a Houston family as a foster dog.

Hicks came to meet her to see if she might fit in with her two other dogs.

She encourages anyone looking for a new pet to consider giving adoption a try.

"A lot of these dogs have the same dogs; they have the same ability to be a part of your family as a breeder dog," Hicks said.

Chato, a 4-year-old shepherd, Rottweiler mix is also waiting for a good home.

"I am fostering him and taking him to adoption events like this one today to help find him a good home," said BARC volunteer Lydia Caldwell.

Chato was left by his owner at BARC, Houston's Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care.

Unfortunately, his life is in danger because BARC is overcrowded.

The situation at BARC is critical because the facility was built to house just 550 animals, and it currently houses 878. The city says it simply cannot sustain those extra 328 animals.

The facility has been housing an average of 720 animals, but recently, the population has jumped.

Two days ago, 184 animals arrived, so the need for fostering and adoption is greater than ever.

"You know that you're saving a life because without my involvement with him, he would be down," Caldwell said.

Hicks and Annie hit it off, and she is adopting her, while Caldwell is hoping Chato will be just as lucky.
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