Little League coach accused of dropping F-bomb


"It's not supposed to be like this," assistant coach Jeff Simmons said. "It's supposed to be about teaching kids baseball."

On April 8, assistant coach Jeremy Delgado was arrested for disorderly conduct. What exactly happened in this dugout among another coach, an umpire and Delgado is unclear, but he was charged because of what he said -- the F-bomb, and several of them. Police say Delgao allegedly said the word in front of 9- and 10-year-olds.

"It's not really right to say that in front of little kids," a Little League player said.

The problem is it's not the first time police have been at these fields.

Just three weeks ago, in a separate incident, two other coaches were arrested for fighting over a trick play. It quickly got out of hand and someone was choked unconscious.

"This is not a bar. This is not a bar fight, bar brawl," Simmons said. "This is a place for kids."

It is not the kind of publicity the league wants. Parents are disappointed but know it's not unique.

"It happens in every Little League in every city in the US," coach Steve Jolly said. "It's the competition."

The board has zero tolerance. All three coaches including Delgado have been kicked out.

"We are here not only to teach the kids baseball but also to teach sportsmanship, and if our coaches can't show an example of sportsmanship, then we'll find someone who will," Texas City Little League President Kenneth Brown said.

Now, they just want to move on.

Cursing at a baseball game is illegal because according to the Penal Code it "disturbs the tranquility enjoyed by others."

Delgado wasn't home when Eyewitness News when to his home Thursday to seek comment.
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