Grand jury indicts HPOU official for theft

HOUSTON After a months-long investigation, Houston Police Department Officer Matthew Calley, 44, was indicted for theft over $200,000 and misapplication of fiduciary property over $200,000. Both offenses are first degree felonies.

Calley was a long-serving member of the Houston Police Officers' Union (HPOU) and a member of the HPOU Board of Directors. While on the board, Calley was entrusted with the sole responsibility for managing the assets of the accounts for two committees he chaired at the time: the Ways and Means Committee and the Political Action Committee. He was also responsible for making expenditures in the best interest of the HPOU and its members.

In January, an investigation began into Calley's management of those accounts in response to a report made by Gary Blankinship, President of the HPOU. Blankinship had been contacted by a fraud investigator with Capital One, who said they had identified several suspicious and possibly fraudulent payments to a personal credit card account with HPOU funds.

The indictments allege that Calley exploited his position as chairman of both HPOU committees to unlawfully appropriate funds and contributions from each of their accounts. The theft and fraud committed by Calley began as early as June 2003 and continued through January 2010, the indictment said.

Calley faces up to 99 years or life in prison and up to a $10,000 fine if convicted of the offenses.

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