Find unclaimed property owed to you

CONROE, TX The state comptroller's office is in charge of getting the unclaimed cash back to those who are owed it. This year Texas residents and businesses are said to be owed more than a billion dollars.

In Montgomery County alone, more than $11 million has gone uncollected. Officials say 43 of every 100 people have uncollected cash with the state.

Some may be chump change, some substantial. One woman found $3,500 owed to her late mother that she can now collect.

"This is a very special time for me, being an empty nester. Sometimes I miss my mom, and I always feel that she is watching over me," Marina Valenzuela explained. "It was very special to see her name come up on the Internet. I felt tingles all over and my sister felt the same way. We're both very, very pleased."

All you need to do to check your status is visit the state's website, If you happen to search on your own, you want to be sure to visit the official website from Susan Combs, Office of State Comptroller with the state of Texas seal in the corner. We're told there are some sites that appear similar but charge money. The state's website is a free service.

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