HISD: Middle school student stabbed before class

HOUSTON Letters were sent home to parents of students at Pershing Middle School. A message was also sent out using the automated phone system. Fortunately, the student who was cut was not seriously hurt.

Students at Pershing Middle School were shocked to learn that one of their classmates sliced a fellow student with a pocket knife during a fight.

Student Kiara Gayle said, "When I found out about it, I was kind of hurt."

School administrators described the injury as a minor flesh wound, a cut on the side right above the waist.

"Everybody is just really anxious to know what happened to him," said student Omri Codner. "They are just kind of surprised that he would do that."

The trouble started in a courtyard on school property about 30 minutes before school began. District officials say the incident involving two 15-year-old boys escalated because of an ongoing dispute that was never reported to school staff.

HISD Spokesperson Norm Uhl said, "I would take this opportunity to tell parents to talk to their children. If they are having a dispute with another child, let us know."

Concerned parents we spoke with couldn't agree more.

Parent Benny Washington said, "You got to be involved if you want your kid to come out right. You have to know what's going on at the school if you want your kid to be safe."

HISD police randomly search students with security wands or if they suspect a student might be hiding a weapon.

The 15-year-old boy was taken into custody by HISD police. He will likely face a charge of aggravated assault. He will automatically be referred to an alternative school and not returning to Pershing.

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