Wounded war veteran gets new home

RICHMOND, TX Retired Army Staff Sergeant Matt Lammers received the keys to his new house in Richmond thanks to HelpingAHero.org. The soldier lost his left arm and both legs after an ambush in Iraq in 2007. Lammers says he's grateful for the gift, and wants to help pay back the generosity.

"Long story short, I thought my life was over and it was just beginning. And I'm looking forward to giving back to this community. I just truly want to thank each and every one of you, thank you so much," said Lammers.

Lammers' new home comes fully equipped to help Lammers with his special needs. The house has a roll-in shower, lower counters, widened doors and lowered appliances. The organization has given new homes to 18 badly wounded U.S. military personnel.

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