Police focus on finding girls' killer

BAYTOWN, TX It is now day three of the investigation. Police say they have spoken to three persons of interest. No arrests have been made, but there have been plenty of police hours logged with the goal of finally bringing in the person responsible for the deaths of two young girls who are very much missed.

The memorial in front of the home where the two girls were killed continues to grow with tributes to 17-year-old Lang and 16-year-old Johnson. They were first cousins who were best friends. On Monday night family and classmates came here to grieve together.

Mother Helen Marie Johnson said, "I got God in my heart, so whoever did it, I forgive them. But right now, something's got to be done. Whoever did this has got to be off the streets."

Baytown police detectives are said to be focusing entirely on this double murder. But evidence that could link someone to the deaths is still being tested and autopsy results are still pending. Which means, barring a witness coming forward, an arrest may not be imminent.

"I would like to say this was a focused attack. There was a large amount of violence there and obviously some attempt to cover that up," said Lt. Eric Freed with the Baytown Police Department. "I think it would be premature for me to say that this was a direct attack by a known person, or a random."

Anyone with information on these killings is asked to call Baytown Crime Stoppers at 281-427-TIPS.

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