Girl, 4, dies after being trampled by horse

HOUSTON It happened around 10:30pm Sunday and at an arena on Karalis and Almeda Genoa, and there's been an all-night investigation into exactly what happened. Apparently, there was a bull-riding event being held at a rodeo there. Samantha Sillero, 4, and her mother were on top of a stallion in the parking lot when the horse apparently tossed them off, stepping on the girl and crushing her skull.

The woman was riding the horse to load him back into the trailer when the accident took place.

Authorities have been out to check the seven-year-old stallion. They say it is quite excitable and may have just become temperamental and or agitated because of the large crowd. Apparently, Sunday nights at this rodeo draw hundreds of people from all over town.

"I just hear the noise, the music and I guess they are bull riding over there," said nearby resident Tim Bell. "That is all I hear is noise and music."

The girl's mother was also tossed off. She was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital and listed in stable condition with injuries to her back and neck.

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