Mom: Fun center isn't supervising children

FRIENDSWOOD, TX "It freaked me out," the mother said. "I don't think that room should be there."

She says a few weeks ago when she was there to pick up her 11-year-old, she stepped into the dance room where she says she saw a DJ, and a number of unsupervised 10 to 13-year-old's dancing but also doing a lot more.

"They're kissing. They're standing up and they're kissing. They're making out," she claims.

The Jump-Ins at Fun Max are like a lock-in. And they're popular.

"All her friends go. Everyone goes," the mom said.

For $13, second to 7th graders can come from 7 to 11pm on Fridays to enjoy the inflatable slides, play areas, and dance room.

According to its website, the facility is sponsored by the City of Friendswood, which made the now-concerned mother feel better.

"To me it makes it look more safe," she said.

But that's not the case anymore.

"I just wanted to get out and make sure she never came back," she said.

Fun Max Owner Javier Weitzman invited us in and showed us the room in question.

He said he's surprised to hear the allegation because he says he has 13 to 17 employees, as well as a sheriff's deputy, every Friday night rotating throughout the place, monitoring the kids. There is a list of rules, which he says they are enforced.

"If something like that happens, we don't tolerate that," Weitzman said. "We call their parents and send the kids home."

In the three years Fun Max has been open, Weitzman says he's has never had a parent complain about kids kissing or supervision.

"Our employees know what to do," he said. "They're trained and they know we don't tolerate behavior like that."

He encourages parents to stay as their children play.

But this mother is standing her ground. Her daughter can't go back until the room is closed.

The city manager of Friednswood says that Fun Max is not sponsored by the city, but they have a partnership with each other during the summer. The city sends its day camp kids to Fun Max for free in exchange for advertisement.

The manager said he's confident the place is providing a safe environment for children, although the city did ask Fun Max on Thursday to take its logo off the website.
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