Show of support for convicted cop killer

HOUSTON Testimony in favor of the defendant was at the forefront of the punishment phase Friday. Landor's cousin testified that she didn't believe the convicted cop killer murdered Officer Abernethy.

When the prosecutor cross-examined Kiersten Bellow and asked her how she found out what her cousin did, she replied, "Never, because he didn't do it."

When prosecutors asked Ms. Bellow if she'd been listening to the testimony, she replied, "I try not to listen to you guys that much."

Bellow told the jury Landor was a good father.

"He was very close and affectionate with his three kids. They loved him to death," she said.

Two more of Landor's cousins, his aunt, and best friend also told the jury they did not believe he killed Officer Abernethy.

Landor's cousin, Robert Burley, Jr., told the jury Landor "was the closest thing to me having a brother."

During cross-examination, Burley admitted while the facts of this case are brutal, he stated, "It's just life" when prosecutors asked him about Houston police officers beging killed in the line of duty.

On Tuesday, Landor was found guilty of capital murder for killing Officer Abernethy following a traffic stop on the north side at the Luxor Park Apartments. Landor ran, but was caught a short time later.

Court is in recess until Monday morning at 10am, which is when both sides will make their closing arguments. The judge in this case believes the jury should get the case by noon. He'll let them deliberate until 6pm Monday night and if they have not reached a decision, they will be sequestered. Landor faces the death penalty or life in prison for murdering Officer Abernethy during a footchase at an apartment complex.

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