Deputy shoots, kills suspect during struggle

HOUSTON It happened a little after midnight at a home on Beckett Ridge Drive near Woodland Hills. A Harris County Sheriff's deputy was in the Atascocita Forest subdivision, making a follow up call on an assault that had happened at Mulligan's sports bar on FM 1960 earlier in the night.

According to investigators, the deputy knocked at the door several times, identifying himself as a deputy with the Harris County Sheriff's office. Christopher Lee Brooks, 26, reportedly came to door with a rifle, which the deputy persuaded him to put down.

But when the deputy tried to take Brooks into custody for the assault, the suspect resisted, according to investigators. The deputy tried to use his Taser on Brooks, but it was ineffective.

"The suspect at that point takes the Taser away from our deputy, attempts to use that Taser against the deputy and that's when the deputy, again fearing for his life, discharges his weapon against the suspect," said Harris County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Christina Garza.

Brooks died at the scene. The deputy, who's been with the Harris County Sheriff's office for 19 years, was not injured.

Just across the street, neighbor, Eric Briggs heard the shots.

"It was like four or five shots I heard first and then three minutes later, there were three more shots. I came downstairs and saw the cops," said Briggs.

The sheriff's office also says Brooks was encouraging his pit bull to attack the deputy, so he shot and killed the dog as well. That was another surprise for neighbors.

"It's a very loving dog," said neigbor Damon Bacon. "That was an unusual situation for them to have the dog, I guess in attack mode, or something like that, because seemed to be a friendly dog."

"There have never been any problems over there," said neighbor Roland Kyle. "As far as I know they were real nice people."

The incident is under investigation by the Internal Affairs division and the District Attorney's office.

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