Station 10's all-female crew a first for HFD

HOUSTON Arriving back to Fire Station #10 two hours after an apartment fire, the crew jumps out wearing all pony tails. It's the first time the Houston Fire Department has had an all-female crew running a pumper truck.

"They do expect it to be a male, and they are often surprised and taken back when they somebody pulls off their helmet and they see long hair," HFD Capt. Bonnie Richter said.

"One woman was taken back, and said, 'It's so interesting to see a female out in the field, more or less all females," HFD firefighter Lisa Kimball said laughingly.

They were running the truck. Richter was in charge of the engine, and Kimball was driving while the other two women were responsible for the grunt work, like extending hose lines.

And with 24 years of service between Kimball and Richter, they never really considered not being a firefighter.

"Got to talk to some of the guys coming through, and the more I talk to them, the more I liked the opportunity," Richter said. "It just seemed like something that fit for me."

And because this was the first time it's ever happened, the city's historian came out to document the event.
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