Woman attacked outside Wal-Mart

HOUSTON It's a busy parking lot where people come and go all day.

"I don't feel like something is going to happen because there's a lot of people around," shopper Carmen Ramirez said.

But Thursday morning, it was the scene of an attack. Police say a woman left the store when a man jumped out of a car and grabbed her purse

"It's scary," said shopper Sherelle Long. "It makes me not come to the store by myself, without my man."

The victim and suspect fell to the ground in a struggle when a good Samaritan helped free her.

"It could have been so much worse than it was," shopper Marie Dill said.

Female shoppers say they are being more cautios while police are looking at surveillance video from the dozens cameras on top of the store.

The victim got her purse back, but was left with cuts and bruises.

Many shoppers realize there's a good chance the suspect could come back

"You never know what can happen," Ramirez said. "Now, I've got to pay more attention."

Investigators say the suspect in Thursday morning's attack may have had an accomplice who drove a getaway car. They're not saying yet whether or not they think the attacks are related.

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