Police: White powder found in tax office

Workers who may have been exposed to a mysterious white powder at an office in west Houston have been evacuated from their building

April 8, 2010 6:15:30 PM PDT
Houston Police and an HFD HazMat team are checking out an incident involving white powder at a tax preparation office in west Houston. An employee at a Tax Masters office near the beltway and Katy Freeway opened an envelope today and white powder went everywhere.

"There was a letter addressed to Tax Masters and when the clerk in the mail room (opened it) a white powdery substance came out of the letter," explained Brian Gordon, Consultant Manager with Tax Masters. "So we immediately evacuate everybody and had everybody come outside."

The HazMat team secluded 20 people but no one shows any signs of illness. Tests on the powder have not turned up anything dangerous or suspicious.

"So far everything related to acidity and any dangerous substances has come up negative but they continue to do the tests," Houston Fire Department Spokesman Pat Trahan said,

Tax Masters told Eyewitness News it has received about 150 calls from people upset about an apparent association with the Glenn Beck show on the Fox News Channel. The manager says the company only advertises on the channel.