Office burglars linked to third break-in?

HOUSTON "Glass all over the place, and people here helping to clean," Stroud said.

Overnight, someone had broken into the Comerica Bank building on Mason. They broke windows and smashed in walls, and they were caught on tape.

Surveillance video given to us by a tenant who wishes to remain anonymous shows two young men both wearing backpacks and one appears to be holding a rifle.

Nancy Stroud didn't think anything of it since they didn't steal anything. But now, there's a bigger picture.

The burglary at her building happened March 19th. This past weekend, two other Katy office buildings were also burglarized.

In all three, the crooks had the same method of operation, and they also look a lot alike on the surveillance videos.

Last night, we showed you a video of two men wearing backpacks and bandanas over their faces. One had a rifle, which he used to shoot out a conference room window.

In all, they broke into two dozen offices and stole computers.

During the second burglary last weekend, they broke into five offices inside the Nottingham Country building. It appears that's their target—closed office buildings. And they'll likely keep at it until someone recognizes them or they mess up.

In all these crimes, the crooks got in through a back door by breaking through the glass.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating these break-ins, but if you recognize anybody in that video, you should call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477. ess up.

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