Routine traffic stop turns into major drug bust

HOUSTON Police say information they got during that traffic stop led them to the Hastings Place apartments on Glenora near Fallbrook.

Two suspects were arrested Tuesday afternoon, and they gave law enforcement the address to the Hastings Place apartments. A third person at the apartment was arrested and deputies say they found cocaine, marijuana and $11,000 in prescription drugs, but that's not all.

"There was a large sum of cash in the apartment as well as some counterfeit money, $100 bills," said Sgt. Gary Rodgers with the Harris County Sheriff's Office "That portion is going to be addressed by the Secret Service. The Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms is going to take care of weapons violations."

The secret service is handling the $2,000 in counterfeit cash. One stolen and one illegal weapon were discovered, which drew the attention of the ATF.

The two suspects arrested from the traffic stop, Steele West, 25, and Lakrecia Etheridge, 20, face charges of drug possession and possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver, respectively.

The third suspect at the apartment, Charlie Burks, 24, faces charges of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and possession of a prohibited weapon.

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