More companies hiring temps

HOUSTON Temporary jobs are nothing new to Louis Puddu.

"I was working in a temporary position in the Dhab program, which my employment started in March '09 and a year to the date, March 10th, I'd been laid off," Puddu said.

While Puddu looks for a permanent job, he may find another opportunity through a temporary position instead.

In February, 47,000 temporary jobs were added to the nation's workforce. In the last 12 months, there has been nearly a 10 percent jump in temp jobs.

Temporary staffing experts say it's happening in Texas, too.

"Each week in 2010, beginning in January, there's been an improvement," said Kaye Hill, executive director of Texas Association of Staffing. "We have seen an increase, about 3.2 percent, from February to March -- a rise -- in temporary employment," Hill says the temporary job market is in much better shape than a year ago, and it could signal a turnaround in the permanent work force.

"It appears to me all indicators -- they're improving," Hill said, "We all see it in the news, so you know, we certainly hope the staffing industry improves as well as the economy."

Hill adds for those looking for work, a temp job can lead to a full time position, and right now, light industrial and manufacturing jobs seem to be in demand.

For those looking for work, the brighter overall outlook is good news, but nothing will beat a full time job.

"I am looking for full time actually," said job seeker Yvette Jackson. "I need a permanent job with overtime as well. I am working two days out of the week now."

At this point staffing agencies have not seen temp positions turning into full time work. If a recovery is on the way, that should happen in a few months.

Remember temps do not typically get benefits like health insurance.

Workforce Solutions has some of the listings but, if you are thinking about temp work, there are many staffing agencies out there that can help you with things like free training. And it's OK to look into a couple of temp agencies.

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