Dangerous predator escapes authorities twice

HOUSTON He may be in the Houston area. But it's not the first time Munson managed to get away. Some question whether the system failed.

"You get one bite at the apple," said Andy Kahan with the Mayor's Crime Victims Office. "He was given an opportunity. He failed it. That should have been it."

But Marvin Munson, a convicted child predator, has been able to slip through the parole system twice now. Law enforcement is now searching for him for the second time.

In March, Munson was released to the Beaumont Transitional Treatment Center. Days later he cut off his electronic monitoring device and has vanished.

"He is showing that he is going to hide from law enforcement in our neighborhoods," said Katherine Cabaniss, Executive Director of Crime Stoppers. "He is showing that he is not going to remain in a place that he can be monitored."

In Smith County back in 1986, Munson broke into a home. Using a knife, he sexually assaulted a nine-year-old boy. He later did the same thing to an eight-year-old girl. He was sentenced to 50 years. But being the mid 80's he was subjected to the state's mandatory release law.

After 20 years Munson was released on parole in 2008, with an electric monitoring device. He cut it off and was later tracked down and sent back to prison.

Rereleased in 2010 he was once again given an electronic monitoring device that he cut off again while in the transitional faculty and it still on the loose.

"Maybe this time we'll do it right, assuming he does get captured," Kahan said. "We'll put him back where he belongs in prison."

If you've seen Munson or know anything about his escape, call the FBI or Crime Stoppers at713-222-TIPS. You can remain anonymous.

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