Man accused of injuring child

HOUSTON We learned a lot about the Nathaniel Flowers, 32, Friday from court records. First off, he's not in custody. Secondly, the baby's 19-year-old mother left him with Flowers, but according to CPS, she didn't know about his past, one that includes a previous child abuse conviction and termination of his parental rights.

On Good Friday, complete with a good old fashioned fish fry, Christopher Robinson and his friends are preparing to celebrate new life, even as they mourn their littlest neighbor's death.

"All I can say is I did what I could for him," said Robinson.

Robinson got emotional when we told him three-month-old Kamron Kelly died after two days in critical condition at Texas Children's Hospital. Wednesday evening, Robinson was the one who called 911 after Flowers ran over from apartment 235 at the complex in the 7200 block of Hallshire.

"He said, 'Will you go over there and see what's wrong with the baby. Something's wrong with the baby,'" Robinson said.

Robinson went to the apartment and started CPR. The infant was non-responsive. He says Flowers was agitated.

"He was just trying to run out the door while I kept trying," said Robinson. "I said, 'Man, come on back here and help me breathe for the baby,' and he just kept trying to run out the door."

The baby was rushed to LBJ Hospital and then on to Texas Children's. According to CPS, he had skull fractures and bruises around his mouth, injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome. Houston police say Flowers told them he, "got a little too rough with the infant because he was crying."

It isn't the first time.

According to court documents, Flowers has a previous conviction of injury to a child. It was back in 2005. Then, the victim was his own two-month-old son. He squeezed him, the probable cause affidavit says, because he would not stop crying.

That little boy survived. Little Kamron didn't.

"Whatever happens to this guy, I hope they give him the best," said neighbor Patrick Baker. "Get him because it's sad. Anybody who hurts a kid is sad."

Flowers spent three years in prison for hurting his son. He lost his parental rights and the boy, who's now five years old is in the process of being adopted. It's a much different scenario than what we're talking about now.

Flowers is not in custody. He's charged with injury to a child, but because the child died Friday, that charge could be upgraded to capital murder.

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