Testing continues on former First Lady

HOUSTON Ms. Bush was admitted Saturday morning. Apparently her husband, Former President George H.W. Bush drove her to the hospital on doctor's orders.

A spokesperson for the Bush family told Eyewitness News that 84-year-old former First Lady hadn't been feeling well for about a week. Her doctor suggested she have some testing done. Officials are calling these tests routinem but have not specified they type of testing being conducted or the illness that preceded Ms. Bush's hospital stay.

According to a spokesperson, while Mrs. Bush hasn't been feeling well for the past few weeks, it's nothing that's kept her down. In fact, she's been keeping her schedule and on Friday was at Barbara Bush Elementary reading to kids. The former First Lady's doctors decided it would be best to get her admitted to Methodist Hospital so they could figure out what's going on with her.

Last March, Ms. Bush had aortic valve replacement surgery. At that time she was in the hospital for nine days and back in November 2008, Ms. Bush had surgery for a perforated ulcer and spent one week in the hospital. This hospital stay is not expected to last nearly that long. According to Bush family's spokesperson Jim McGrath, Ms. Bush should be released in the next day or two.

We have also learned her husband has been spending his days at the hospital and going home at night.

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