Police: Arrest made in fatal carjacking

HOUSTON Houston police think two male relatives, their exact relation police will not disclose, are responsible for murdering Charissa Powell, 3. They are actively looking for one of those men while the other is sitting in jail.

Alton Barnes, 24, has been charged with capital murder. He was arrested after police released a composite sketch on Tuesday. They got some tips and several people have now identified him as one of the killers.

Barnes has a long criminal history, according to county records, that includes assault, drugs, theft, trespassing and failure to stop and render aid.

Homicide investigators believe Barnes and a relative shot Charissa to death Sunday afternoon. It happened at an apartment complex on Greens Parkway in north Houston. Police say they tried to steal her parent's car for its expensive-looking rims.

Charissa was shot and killed shortly after her father had reportedly pleaded with the gunmen to let him get his children - Charissa and her one-year-old brother - out of the car. Charissa was shot in the chest. Bullet fragments wounded her one-year-old brother.

In response to Barnes' arrest, Charissa's mother, Victavia Milton, told us over the phone, "I feel better knowing the person who murdered my daughter is in custody. I'm glad that I will get justice for my baby."

Police interviewed another male relative on Wednesday after he volunteered to come to headquarters to talk to police. They questioned him and then released him.

They are still looking for another family member of Barnes and may hold a news conference on Thursday to ask for the public's help.

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