Vandals target homes with landscaping rocks

HOUSTON There may actually be more than eight houses damaged in the vandalism spree. Neighbors say one victimized family hasn't yet officially reported the attack. But the tally this afternoon is one woman injured, and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damage.

Pascal Issa was sound asleep this morning when something came crashing into her window.

She said, "My dog was barking and then I woke up and I saw this big brick in my room."

Issa heard two voices and she heard the sound of running. Her parents awoke and came to investigate. They realized how close of a call it was.

"It nearly missed my head basically by a couple of inches. The one on the left side, it hit my desk," Issa said.

But the Issas weren't the only targets of the vandals. Eight other families called Precinct 5 constables to report someone was throwing bricks and landscaping rocks into windows early this morning. One woman was hit in the face.

"There was one lady who was the brick went through her bedroom window," said Asst. Chief Terry Thurman with the Precinct 5 Constables Office. "She received a small laceration to her lip and some redness to the side of her face."

Nearby in the Eldridge Place subdivision, the Elmomany family is now looking at replacing their front door after the vandals attacked them around 3:30am. A neighbor's surveillance camera caught a car driving on the Elmomany's street at the time of the attacks, the shadows outside the home and then the Elmomanys' lights come on.

Said Elmomany explained, "Everyone was shocked, especially the kids. They're afraid someone is attacking us."

Elmomany showed Eyewitness News the heavy rock that smashed through the glass. He also pointed out the damage to his neighbor's home across the street -- neighbors who weren't home and don't yet know. Elmomany would like to see law enforcement catch the vandals, but he thinks if they don't, karma will.

"Someone will come to your house and you will taste the same problem, you will taste the same cup," he said.

Law enforcement is looking at the surveillance video to learn anything about the suspects. If you have any information about the crimes, you're asked to call the Precinct 5 constables office.

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