Plant officials promise to call 911

PASADENA, TX You likely remember the orange cloud that rose from the Air Products plant on Highway 225 last month. It took more than a half hour for plant operators to speak with Pasadena dispatchers and longer to admit there was a problem. Pasadena's fire chief said from the beginning the company should've called 911 right away.

Chief Lanny Armstrong with the Pasadena Fire Department said, "If it's going to affect the public, we need to know and the fastest way to make that happen is to call 911."

"If it's a matter of two calls or three calls, we'll be sure the calls are made," promised Art George with Air Products. "The calls will be made."

The damaged part of the plant is still shut down. Before it starts up again next month, the company will install surveillance cameras in the control center to spot leaks sooner.

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