Vandalism spreading around Bay Area

FRIENDSWOOD, TX Over the last few weeks, someone has been shattering windows in League City, La Marque, Dickinson and Friendswood.

John Mann and his wife Deanna were asleep inside their Friendswood home early Friday morning when vandals took aim at their front window.

"I was in bed sleeping and I heard this loud bang. So I went out in the kitchen to see where the noise came from," said John.

When John saw nothing, he went to bed.

"Then on the way to work, my wife called me and said guess what and I said don't tell me," said John.

"I thought it was condensation, then I thought no it's shattered," said Deanna.

It was deja vu for the couple as someone threw a rock through their glass door just two weeks ago.

"It is very disappointing," said Deanna.

Police say the pellet or ball bearing that pierced their window came from a pack of vandals that has been doing the same thing, mostly to vehicles for the last few weeks.

In League City, police say there have been 34 incidents. And there have been eight in Dickinson and 12 in La Marque. On Friday, the vandals moved into Friendswood, shooting out the Mann's window plus 10 cars. Police say this is almost certainly the work of the same group.

"Just in the quantity, the type of damage that's occurring, and the fact that it's in a certain area when it's being done," said Chief Bob Wieners of the Friendswood Police Department.

Their path of destruction is adding up to big bucks for victims. Car windows can cost $800 to replace. The Mann's door is $700, and the window will be covered by insurance, but only after they pay a $2,000 deductible.

"You're looking at a pretty significant loss," said Chief Wieners.

Police say they already have some witnesses who've provided good information, and victims want these vandals to know that if this is a teen prank meant to be funny then no one is laughing.

"I hope their parents have money to back them up once they find them," said Deanna.

You can read more about the cases in The Bay Area Citizen, one of our Houston Community Newspaper partners.

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